Special Offers

coralust's Rolling Giveaway

  1. Four times per year, coralust will give away a free bikini and accessory of coralust's choice.
  2. Entrants must have a valid, unduplicated Facebook account as well as Twitter or Instagram.
  3. To enter the giveaway:
    1. Like coralust's fan page on Facebook, and follow coralust on Instagram and/or Twitter.
    2. Share the giveaway on Facebook and comment in the giveaway page.
    3. Repost/retweet the giveaway on Instagram and/or Twitter.
  4. The winner will be selected by random number generator.
  5. Each losing entry will roll over to following giveaways, provided you continue to enter consecutively.
  6. Accumulation of entries maxes out at six. Six or more consecutive giveaway entries will therefore provide no more than six entries.
  7. Cumulative entries are reset by either (i) failure to enter in a given draw, or (ii) victory in a draw.
  8. Previous draw winners are no longer eligible to build multiple entries, and will be limited to one entry per giveaway.
  9. Family members of coralust employees are not eligible to win the giveaway.
  10. coralust reserves the right to change or withdraw the giveaway at any time.

20% off Jewellery When You Buy a Bikini

  1. A bikini comprises one top and one bottom of your choice. Mix and match of styles and sizes is permitted.
  2. Add any item(s) of jewellery to your shopping basket, along with your chosen bikini, to have the discount automatically applied to *the most expensive* item of jewellery in the basket (see 4.)
  3. Discount applies to one item of jewellery per bikini. Two bikinis permits two discounted items of jewellery, et cetera.
  4. To save customers the hassle of making separate jewellery purchases to maximise the discount received, we automatically apply the discount(s) to the most expensive item(s) of jewellery in the basket.
  5. The bikini purchase must be permanent (exchanges are permitted under normal terms and conditions) for the jewellery discount to stand. Returned bikinis will not be refunded without returned jewellery, or else the customer may choose to settle the discount difference for the jewellery.
  6. coralust reserves the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time.