AA Battery Holder for Pe... AA Battery Holder for Pentax K-500, K500, K-50, K50, K-30, K30, KR, K-r as Pentax D-BH109 (Holds 4 x AA batteries for

Product Code: TQ-OKN4-Z5ZW

Maxsima - AA Battery Holder
Maxsima - AA Battery Holder
Maxsima - AA Battery Holder
Compatible power pack magazine for AA battries. similar to original part for the Pentax Kr K30, K50, K500 Allows you to have a back up power source using the battery holder with 4 x AA batteries inserted. ( batteries not included )

  • K50 K500 K30 & Kr Battery holder for AA batteries. as Pentax D-BH109 ( Batteries not included )
  • Material : Plastic / metal contacts.
  • Inserts into the Pentax battery slot (see pic) (camera not included)
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Pentax K series K-30, K-50, K-500, K-r